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LiveJournal shortcut in your browser's search box

Tired of typing ".livejournal.com" into your browser's address bar to open a journal?

I've written an XML file which allows you to use the browser's search box as a LiveJournal shortcut. Once installed, you can type only a journal name - "news" for example - into the search box to visit the journal.

If you check many journals by name, it's often faster than URL completion. The source code is available here and it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Opera users can modify their Preferences manually for the same effect.

You can install it by visiting this page.

To install, click the LiveJournal link on the installer page.

You can also see an orange highlight in your search box (browser dependent). This indicates a custom search is available.

Here you can try out the functionality within the page, or add the settings manually.

And now you can save some typing :D.
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April 27 2009, 18:11:20 UTC 6 years ago

If you check journals by name and use Firefox, it's much quicker just to use their magic address bar. I never type more than one or two letters before the url I'm looking for comes up.


April 27 2009, 18:43:44 UTC 6 years ago

Ditto Opera and Chrome. Probably the newest version of IE, too.

And even if not, it's still probably quicker to use a Quick Search in Firefox and the equivalent thing in Opera.

As far as I'm concerned, the ordinary search box is only for Google.


April 27 2009, 18:45:42 UTC 6 years ago

It could come in handy for Wikipedia, too -- though I use a custom search with keyword for that ("en blabla" for info from the English Wikipedia on 'blabla').


April 27 2009, 20:19:02 UTC 6 years ago

And in Safari with the SafariStand plugin.

OP: That said, this is still a cool way to do it. Thanks for posing this. If I hadn't found the quick search feature for the address bar, I would have rather used the search box for LJ redirects.


April 27 2009, 18:44:38 UTC 6 years ago

Though that only works for journals you've already visited in the past.

What I did, BTW, is create a custom search bookmark -- created a bookmark with a keyword (I picked "lj") and a URL of http://%s.livejournal.com/ . Then I can enter "lj exampleusername" in the main location box and get to someone's journal.

A similar thing also works for Opera (custom search with keyword).

I also have "lji exampleusername" for their profile (formerly called "userinfo", hence "lji" for "LiveJournal info"), "ljpics exampleusername" for their allpics page, and "ljmem keyword" for my LiveJournal memories with a given keyword.


April 27 2009, 19:07:52 UTC 6 years ago

What I did, BTW, is create a custom search bookmark -- created a bookmark with a keyword (I picked "lj") and a URL of http://%s.livejournal.com/ . Then I can enter "lj exampleusername" in the main location box and get to someone's journal.
I have that too and it's so freaking useful! (My 'lj username' goes to that person's journal, 'ljp username' goes to their profile.)

Long live custom bookmarks. *highfives you*


April 27 2009, 19:11:43 UTC 6 years ago

I heard about the idea from emmavescence, and I agree, custom bookmarks have been sooo useful to me!


April 27 2009, 19:22:52 UTC 6 years ago

I...have no idea where I picked up the info, but I've been using it for about a year now. It's so weird when I'm on someone else's computer and I can't use my regular shortcuts.


April 27 2009, 20:04:14 UTC 6 years ago

Yeah, custom bookmarks were exactly what I was going to suggest. Nothing to install or break.


April 27 2009, 21:12:39 UTC 6 years ago

2002'd! :)


April 27 2009, 22:36:41 UTC 6 years ago

That's what I have, too. And one for Wikipedia, and a bunch more. Custom bookmarks are awesome.


April 27 2009, 18:55:32 UTC 6 years ago

True. This almost works for me. Sometimes the entry for "[user].livejournal.com/" is in the middle of the list (or isn't there). Opera and Firefox 3 searches inside both the URL and page history, so there can be many results... until you select "Clear Private Data" >___<...

Thanks for your feedback.


April 27 2009, 19:32:52 UTC 6 years ago

Ditto. Much easier.


April 27 2009, 21:57:34 UTC 6 years ago

Yes indeed! I was just going to say this.


April 27 2009, 18:50:58 UTC 6 years ago

Thank you SO much!


April 27 2009, 19:11:50 UTC 6 years ago

While the awesome bar is awesome, this is really nifty for journals that I haven't visited in a long time or ever.


April 27 2009, 21:53:08 UTC 6 years ago

my initial reaction: "Man, how lazy can you get?" and then, "Gief!"

So yeah, thank you, this is going to come in super handy :)


April 28 2009, 01:10:47 UTC 6 years ago



April 28 2009, 03:48:49 UTC 6 years ago

Most useless thing ever.

Leon Victor

June 13 2012, 11:41:25 UTC 2 years ago

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