Andrei Buneyeu (yankeppey) wrote in lj_nifty,
Andrei Buneyeu

QBee v.0.0.4

Hi, I want to present you QBee.
QBee is a simple Livejournal client written on C++ using Qt 4. Not it`s compiled under Linux, but you can compile it for Windows or Mac. QBee is free software distributed under terms of GNU Public License. Now QBee is only for enthusiasts, not for the most of users.
You can download QBee here (and there you can find all useful information about QBee).
The community for users is ru_qbee.
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Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Seriously, can you mention some of my bad code?
And how do you think what can I do with aboutprogram.cpp?
What is wrong with Russian?
Well, code comments in English as well would be nice, if code is being released to a predominantly-English-speaking userbase--approximately 5x as many users from English-as-primary-language countries vs. Russian-as-primary-language. :)
It would be nice, yeah, but it`s not easy to me to write normal english comments in my code :)
Understandable. :)
yes )
Ah, nationalism at its finest.

I'm not sure if that's intended as snide, but my comment was not intended as flip. If I want to promote my open-source code in another country, I'd do my best to have my source code commentary be readable by the target audience as well as my local audience.
God, if this is what is described as "nationalism" in a conversation focused around the mother-fucking Russian language, then call me a woodpecker and put me in a doctor's waiting room.
For how long? The Russian userbase is growing, and I think English speaking userbase for the most part is either static or shrinking. The Cyrillic side of the service also gets features the English side doesn't have access to without enabling Cyrillic services...and those pages are not very Englished out.

I say this since I think it behooves us to be a bit more encouraging to Russian developers who make the effort to share things with the English side, lest we are left behind. I don't think we'll always be able to justify making things English by majority status.
"For how long?" Until the pendulum swings wide the other way, at which point I'd ask that the English coders work with a Russian to throw some Cyrillic translations in there. (I don't find that likely to ever happen, though--despite LJ's popularity in Russia, the American (and/or English-speaking) userbase has always been many times larger than any other userbase.

(I have no idea where you get the idea that the English-speaking userbase in static or shrinking, either.)

I almost forgot to reply to this!


April 16 2009, 16:28:00 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  April 16 2009, 16:30:04 UTC

I've been watching the numbers over the past few years. Anyway, around 2007 or so LJ was shrinking, and then it kept pretty static or so until the first part of 2008. During this time, SUP was saying that their involvement in the Russian side of LJ had dramatically increased Russian LJ accounts. I believe this because:

* SUP was actively promoting the service there. Pictures came to me of the LJ logo on billboards and things in conjuncture with other activities or services or events.
* SUP decided to buy LJ as a whole, which I don't think they would have done if they hadn't seen that kind of growth.
* Features have been added to the Russian side that the English side doesn't have, as well, that help grow accounts there.

Because of this, LJ's relatively static active user numbers meant that the growth in Russia was being offset by losses elsewhere.

Over the past year or so things have been growing again. I think some of that is growth...and some of it, especially that big spike at the end, has to do with a gazillion spambots being created.

Anyway, I don't see any kind of promotional push equivalent to what I think happened for the Russian side for the English side; the closest I can think of is hosting ti_opinion or doing the Bollywood and short story contest stuff for the Indian users (which was all done in English, so I guess technically adds to the English side of things). Don't know if those things are successful enough to pull in enough English accounts to offset the growth in Russia. And I wouldn't be surprised if Dreamwidth ended up a bit of a leech on English speaking users.


8 years ago

It's this sort of attitude that gives the dev community a bad name and scares people away from even making stuff like this. :(

What features does it have? tells me almost nothing, and the screenshot is only of the login page, which only tells me "It has a login."
Also it can post events :-)
QBee has built-in simple HTML-editor. It can edit sent events and support mass editing messages.
it can replace special html-characters to "<"...
In future I will add posibillity to automatically load photos to some photo-hosting (like
Maybe you could post more of a description about what features it has on its website, and add more screenshots--at least of the basic interface, if not some of the menus as well, in addition to the login screen?
No offense, but I have been using (and loving) Semagic. Gonna stick with that.
Semagic is one of the best choices, but for me it`s too monster-like :) There are too many features with second-rate usability. Now I choose LogJam as ideal.
I've been using it for years, and take advantage of many (if not most) of its features. What do you find superfluous?
Almost all features that LogJam can`t do, except image loading. But image loading in Semagic is realized not too convenient.
Let me see.. I don't know what LogJam can or can't do, but as for Semagic:

Graphical buttons across the top: I use none of them.

Journal menu: I rarely use anything in here. (I didn't know I could queue entries, though--I'll probably start doing that.)

File: Load and save drafts and file all the time.

Edit: I use keyboard shortcuts for most of these features.

Font: I use keyboard shortcuts for most of these features.

View: I have all toolbars and dropdowns enabled, but I don't use any fonts, notifications, transparency, or WYSIWYG.

Web: I don't use this menu.

Links: I rarely use this menu, but upon looking it over, there are several useful links built in.

Options and dropdowns elsewhere: I use most of these at one time or another.
Pleased to meet you QBee. :)
I like it!