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LJMinion and Relationship Graphs

Soooo recently I slapped together a little Python library that can graph LJ relationships. It uses NetworkX which uses matplotlib. While fairly rudimentary, people have expressed enough interest in the output that I figured some of you might like to play around with it.

Basically, it makes a graph of people you've friended who have friended each other. The size of the dots is scaled to the number of mutual friends that person has. So, people with a BUNCH of friends will have a bigger circle than people with fewer.

Here is a small example from a cluster on my friendslist:

The functions in the package also provide some nice functionality for on the fly processing (ie, figuring out who do X and Y have friended in common). There's a fdata download and caching manager, and it rate limits its requests, so you don't have to be concerned about being hard on the servers when running it.

It can be found on BitBucket. I'm not too familiar with Python yet, though I have been enjoying it immensely, so anybody who Knows Better on how to do things is free to give me a guiding poke.
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How do I use it?
At what stage are you starting from?
From the start ;)
I mean, do I have to download the code and run it off a server or is it already on a server?
Ah, yes. I'll note you'll need to have Python installed and the two dependency libraries linked here:

This is also a command line program.

You can download the source from a menu button here at the top right in a bundle:

Then, unpack, get into the directory and you can run it with:

python LJMinion/ -h

Which will show all the options.

python LJMinion/ -a anantj

Would start the process of downloading data and then displaying your graph.
Ah okay.. Thanks. I'll try this :)