tanz (levade) wrote in lj_nifty,

Am I the only one who objects to the new, cluttered look of the LJ Inbox page? If not, you can try this GM script. It was generated automatically with the Firefox addon Platypus and the coding is probably horrible, but...as I do not know Javascript, it is the best that I can do! And though the page still does not look the same as it used to, or even good, if you don't like the new options to the side it looks better. Since the inbox default option is to "All," this script does not impede functionality, just leaves all the messages in your inbox together as they were before.

Of course, if this inspires anyone who knows JS to come up with a better hack, I would be thrilled. ^^

Edit: As this is a Greasemonkey script, you have to install both Firefox and Greasemonkey before installing LJ New Inbox Fix. They're well worth installing on their own merit, even if you don't like my fix.

Edit again: Can also be used in Opera!
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