Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_nifty,
Abe Hassan

maintainer elections

In January 2002 -- five years ago! -- asciident was appointed maintainer of this community. Today, she's let us know that she's resigning from maintaining this community. I'd like to thank her for all her hard work in maintaining this community and keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you, Melissa!

However, this means that there is now an open maintainership position! If you're interested in maintaining this community, please let us know by commenting here. We're looking for someone who can spend about an hour or so a week approving/rejecting posts, moderating comments, and generally keeping the community running smoothly. (Obviously the time requirement is more of a guideline -- if there aren't any submissions, you won't need to spend an hour taking care of things. *g*)

Comments here are *not* screened -- feel free to comment if you're interested, tell us a little about yourself and why you'd like to be the maintainer, etc. We'll post a poll in another week or so to vote on a new maintainer. :)
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