A Cat-Preserving Operation (catamorphism) wrote in lj_nifty,
A Cat-Preserving Operation

LiveJournal interests ranking tool

Yet another tool for analyzing LiveJournal interests

This toy shows which of your friends are the most "typical" (i.e., having many common interests with your other friends or with LiveJournal users as a whole), along with listing all your friends' interests in order of popularity among your friends, and indicating how popular each interest is on LiveJournal. I'd welcome any feedback.

Edit: Please don't comment to say that you got an error message when initially following the above link. This doesn't tell me anything useful, other than that many people are trying to access the server at once, and it won't help you. If you wait and try again -- and make sure your browser is really reloading the page, by holding down Shift while you click Reload -- you'll likely get the right results.
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